About Us

Piscean Technologies Pte Ltd is established in September 1990 in Singapore with the aim to improve and reduce traditional harmful chemical products and excessive procedures used in the textile dyeing and finishing mills. It has the aim to continually decrease the usage of water, electricity and machine time in all the textile processing stages. Since 2010 the company diversified into other products that help to reduce electricity costs involved with regulating buildings temperatures. It has also researched and ventured into the mineral based heat reflective and heat insulation products.

Below a few of our latest top performers:


COTTON PREP D2 and CELLUPREP XL series: latest technology for pre-treatment and dyeing process of cotton-knit fabrics for medium to darker colours reducing a minimal of 2 – 4 baths and doing away the need to use harmful chemicals such as caustic & hydrogen peroxide etc. Pre-treatment and reactive dyeing processes completely done at mid-temperature range instead of 95⁰C


PISCEAN HVE ( high value ) NEUTRAL pH CELLULASE ENZYMES for denim garment abrasions . Our most price and performance competitive Cellulase Enzymes. Contact us for a quotation.


NANO CERAMIC 2-PLY SOLAR FILMS for construction and automobile applications.
• Low to high VLT
• High IR rejection up to 99%
• High UV rejection up to 99%


COMMERCIAL USE: reduces sun induced surface heat noticeably from over 50⁰C to about 30⁰C INDUSTRIAL USE: Heat insulation for industrial purpose for up to 1000⁰C. All materials are based on natural minerals which are not harmful to humans as well as the environment.

We are determined to continually develop advanced innovative applications of fine eco-friendly products in our in-house laboratories and through our continuous R&D efforts.

Do contact us directly at the email address given if you are interested in our products / services or have any queries or special requests for tailor-made eco-friendly chemical systems.